Job Types

The following table lists all the job types and job definition attributes:

Job Type



Airflow Job

Airflow jobs enable you to monitor and manage DAG workflows within Control-M.

Alteryx Trifacta Job

Trifacta jobs enable you to discover, organize, edit, and publish data in different formats and to multiple clouds, including AWS, Azure, Google, Snowflake, and Databricks.

Automation Anywhere Job

Automation Anywhere jobs implement robotic process automation (RPA) into existing processes


AWS jobs enable you to define and run AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions, and AWS Batch services.

AWS Batch Job

AWS Batch jobs enable you to manage and run batch computing workloads.

AWS Data Pipeline Job

AWS Data Pipeline jobs enable you to automate the transfer, processing, and storage of your data.


AWS EC2 jobs enable you to create virtual machines in Amazon's cloud computing platform.


AWS EMR jobs simplify running big data frameworks to process and analyze vast amounts of data.

AWS Glue Job

AWS Glue jobs enable you to define data-driven workflows that automate the movement and transformation of data.

AWS Glue DataBrew Job

AWS Glue DataBrew jobs enable you to visualize your data and publish it to the Amazon S3 Data Lake.

AWS QuickSight Job

AWS QuickSight jobs enable you visualize, analyze, and share large workloads of data.

AWS SageMaker Job

AWS SageMaker jobs enable you to create, train, and deploy machine learning models on premises, in the cloud, and on edge devices.

AWS Step Functions Job

AWS Step Functions jobs enable you to create visual workflows that can integrate other AWS services.

Azure Job

Azure jobs define and run Azure Function, LogicApps, and Batch services.

Azure Batch Accounts Job

Azure Batch Accounts jobs execute cloud-based Azure Batch Accounts for large-scale compute-intensive tasks.

Azure Data Factory Job

Azure Data Factory jobs define data-driven workflows that automate the movement and transformation of data.

Azure Databricks Job

Azure Databricks jobs enable you to process large workloads of data.

Azure Functions Job

Azure Functions jobs run serverless functions for application development.

Azure HDInsight Job

Azure HDInsight jobs enable you to run an Apache Spark batch job for big data analytics.

Azure Logic Apps Job

Azure Logic Apps jobs enable you to design and automate cloud-based workflows and integrations.

Azure Machine Learning Job

Azure Machine Learning jobs enable you to build, train, deploy, and manage machine learning models on premises, in the cloud, and on edge devices.

Azure Synapse Job

Azure Synapse jobs run Azure Synapse Analytics pipelines for data integration and big data analytics.

Azure VM Job

Azure Virtual Machine is a cloud computing platform.

Boomi AtomSphere Job

Boomi AtomSphere jobs enable you to integrate Boomi processes with Control-M workflows.

Communication Suite Job

Communication Suite jobs enable you to automate business messaging and communication over Microsoft Teams, Slack, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Databases Job

Databases jobs define and monitor Stored Procedure, SQL Script, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Package, and Embedded Query database jobs.

Databricks Job

Databricks jobs enable you to integrate jobs created in the Databricks environment with Control-M workflows.

Dummy Job

Dummy jobs are used as placeholders for managing and synchronizing job flows without any execution.

File Transfer Job

File Transfer jobs enable you to watch and transfer files between hosts, or between Cloud storage buckets and containers.

File Watcher Job

File Watcher jobs enable you to monitor file changes, such as creation, or deletion.

GCP Batch Job

GCP Batch jobs enable you to manage, schedule, and run batch computing workloads in the cloud.

GCP BigQuery Job

GCP BigQuery jobs enable you to process, analyze, and store your data in the cloud.

GCP Dataflow Job

GCP Dataflow jobs perform cloud-based data processing for batch and real-time data streaming applications.

GCP Dataproc Job

GCP Dataproc jobs perform cloud-based big data processing and machine learning.


GCP Virtual Machine (VM) jobs enable you to create, manage, and delete virtual machines on the Google Compute Engine (GCE).

Hadoop Job

Hadoop jobs enable the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers.

Informatica Job

Informatica jobs enable you to automate an Informatica workflow, or tasks within the workflow, and define the parameters to pass to the workflow.

Informatica CS Job

Informatica Cloud Services (CS) jobs enable you to integrate, synchronize, and relate data, applications and processes that reside on-premise or in the cloud environment.

Micro Focus Job

Micro Focus jobs enable you to run Job Control Language (JCL) job stream files on mainframe environments on a Windows or UNIX/Linux operating system.

Power BI Job

Microsoft Power BI jobs enable you to run Power BI workflows for data visualization.

OS Job

OS jobs are used to execute a task on a specific distributed system.

Qlik Cloud Job

Qlik Cloud is a cloud-based ETL service that allows you to visualize your data.

SAP Business Warehouse Job

SAP Business Warehouse jobs enable you to run pre-defined SAP Process Chains, or SAP Infopackages and monitor their completion status.

SAP Data Archiving Job

Defines the SAP Data Archiving job type attributes.

SAP R/3 Job

SAP R/3 jobs enable you to copy an existing SAP job or create a new SAP job.

SLA Management Job

SLA Management jobs map out the critical path of a job workflow that needs to meet an SLA.

Snowflake Job

Snowflake jobs integrate with the Snowflake cloud computing platform for data storage, processing, and analysis.

Talend Data Management Job

Talend Data Management jobs enable data management and data integration.

UI Path Job

UiPath jobs perform robotic process automation (RPA), enabling you to automate repetitive digital tasks.