Job Types

The following table lists all the job types and job definition attributes:

Job Type



OS Job

OS jobs are used to execute a task on a specific distributed system.

Dummy Job

Dummy jobs are used as placeholders for managing and synchronizing job flows without any execution.


AWS jobs define and run AWS Lambda, Step Functions, and Batch services.

Azure Job

Azure jobs define and run Azure Function, LogicApps, and Batch services.

Databases Job

Databases jobs define and monitor Stored Procedure, SQL Script, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Package, and Embedded Query database jobs.

File Transfer Job

File Transfer jobs enable you to watch and transfer files between hosts, or between Cloud storage buckets and containers.

File Watcher Job

File Watcher jobs enable you to monitor file changes, such as creation, or deletion.

Hadoop Job

Hadoop jobs enable the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers.

Informatica Job

Informatica jobs enable you to automate an Informatica workflow, or tasks within the workflow, and define the parameters to pass to the workflow.

SAP Business Warehouse Job

SAP Business Warehouse jobs enable you to run pre-defined SAP Process Chains, or SAP Infopackages and monitor their completion status.

SAP R3 Job

SAP R3 jobs enable you to copy an existing SAP job or create a new SAP job.

SLA Management Job

SLA Management jobs map out the critical path of a job workflow that needs to meet an SLA.