Configuring the Oozie Extractor

This procedure describes how to configure the Oozie Extractor. The Oozie Extractor is a service which fetches Oozie workflows from the Oozie server at each time-based interval on defined rules and pushes the actions of each workflow as submitted jobs.


  1. In the Properties pane of the Hadoop job, from the Execution Type drop-down list, select Oozie Extractor.

    The folder name and job name of the Oozie Extractor should be the exact same name as defined in the Oozie Extraction parameters.

  2. Configure the Control-M for Hadoop configuration parameters, as described in Configuring Control-M for Hadoop Parameters.

  3. To add variables to an Oozie Extractor job template, see Oozie Extractor Variables.

    You do not need to run the job in Control-M. The Oozie extractor pushes the actions to Control-M automatically.

Oozie Extractor Variables

The following table describes the Control-M variables that can be used when defining an Oozie extractor job template. The variables get resolved when the Oozie workflows are processed.




Workflow job ID


Workflow job group


Workflow job status


External ID for the workflow


Path to the workflow application for the workflow job


Name of the workflow application (from the workflow definition)


Coordinator action ID


Workflow job user


Workflow job console URL


Error message of the action, if it ended in ERROR


Current status of the action


Action statistics


URL to the web console of the system executing the action


Transition of the action


External status of the action




Action type


External ID of the action


Action ID


External ID of the action


Action name


Error code of the action, if it ended in ERROR


Number of retries of the action