Configuring Control-M for Hadoop Parameters

This procedure describes how to configure Control-M for Hadoop parameters.


  1. From the icon, select Configuration.

  2. From the drop-down list, select Plug-ins.

  3. Select the required Hadoop plug-in and then click Configuration.

  4. In each field, type or select the required parameters, as described in Control-M for Hadoop Configuration Parameters.

  5. Click Save.

Control-M for Hadoop Configuration Parameters

The following table lists the Control-M for Hadoop configuration parameters.



Kerberos: Control-M Agent's principal

Defines the principal name of the Agent user

Kerberos: Control-M Agent's keytab file path

Defines the path where the keytab file exists

Kerberos: Ticket life time (minutes)

Determines the required life time in minutes for the Kerberos ticket

Default: 0

Oozie: Extractor polling interval

Determines the time interval between when to check and get the Oozie workflows from the Oozie server

Default: 1

Oozie: Activate Oozie Workflows Extractor

Determines if to start/stop the service

Default: Off

Hadoop Streaming: Full path to streaming jar

Determines the full path to the Hadoop streaming jar