Prerequisites are submission criteria that must be met for a folder, sub-folder or job to run. When all job prerequisites and scheduling criteria are met, jobs are submitted for execution.

The following table describes the submission criteria as follows:



User Confirmation

Determines whether user confirmation is required before a job is submitted for execution. Jobs with user confirmation status, require manual confirmation for job execution.

Wait for Events

Defines one or more eventClosedAn entity that creates a sequence relationship between jobs by enabling the successor job to execute after the predecessor job has executed that a successor job must wait for before it can execute, as described in Events.


Enables you to control the load of jobs in your workflowClosedA flow of jobs that execute at specific times, in a specific sequence, and with available resources, as follows:

  • Lock Resources

  • Resource Pools

Lock Resources

Defines a job flow, preventing multiple jobs from running at the same time.

If multiple jobs require access to a database and run concurrently, the database can crash or overwrite entries. Lock Resources controls the flow by sharing resources or locking resources exclusively, avoiding concurrent execution of jobs.

Lock resources enables you to add a lock Type to a job, as follows:

Name: Defines the name of the lock resource using the values as follows:

  • Characters: 1-64

  • Case sensitive: Yes

  • Invalid characters: Blanks, single quotation marks

Type: Determines the type of lock as follows:

  • Shared: Shares the resource with other jobs. Jobs do not wait until the job releases the resource.
  • Exclusive: Locks the resource exclusively, and all jobs that require this resource wait until the job releases the resource.

Resource Pools

Determines the quantity of resources you can allocate from the resource pool for each job to run. Resource Pools are defined at job level only as follows:

Name: Defines the name of a resource pool.

Quantity: Determines the quantity of resources that the job requires, which cannot be more than the Total.

Adjust Events

Determines how to handle the Wait for Events, if the predecessor job in a workflow is not scheduled to run, as described in Prerequisites.