Host Groups

A host is a computer that can runClosed A Control-M process that adds your job to the Run Queue of the day, according to automatic or manual scheduling, and which enables the job to execute after it fulfills its prerequisites. and execute jobs. A host group is a collection of Agents or Remote Hosts that you group together, which enables you to define and run jobs on any of the hosts within the host group. This helps balance the load for resource-intensive workflows. To create a host group, see Creating a Host Group.

The Process_Payroll job requires more resources than Host_A might be able to accommodate on the last day of every month. You define Process_Payroll to run on Host_Group_ABC. If Host_A is unable to execute the job, Process_Payroll is routed to another host in Host_Group_ABC with sufficient resources. If no host in the Host_Group_ABC can execute the job at that time, the job status changes to Waiting for Host.

Role Authorizations enable you to control the level of access for users and roles host groups, as described in Role Authorizations.

Creating a Host Group

This procedure describes how to create a host group, which enables you to execute a job or SMART folder on a group of Agents or Remote Hosts, instead of on a specific host.


  1. From the icon, select Configuration.

    The Configuration domain opens.

  2. From the drop-down list, select Agents.

    The Agents pane appears.

  3. Click , then select Host Group Management.

    The Host Group Management pane appears.

  4. Click .

  5. In the Host Group Name field, type the name of the new host group.

  6. (Optional) From the Tag drop-down list, select the tagClosed A logical name that is used to label specific Agents in a group that has a specific authorization level. that is associated with the hosts that you want to add to the host group.

    A tag limits the selection to only the hosts that are associated with the tag. If you do not select a tag, you can add all hosts if you have the required authorizations.

  7. In the Agents area, click and select the Agents to add to this host group.

    You can search for existing Agents in the Search Agents field.

  8. Click Create.

    You can now define a job to run on this host group, instead of on a specific Agent.