Helix Control-M Trust Page

The Helix Control-M Trust page enables you to track the status of your tenantsClosed A Helix Control-M environment that is segregated, secured, and located on a cloud infrastructure. and their services if you are experiencing connectivity issues. You can also subscribe to notifications about your tenant, by email , SMS, or by supplying a webhook, as described in Subscribing to Notifications for a Tenant.

The following list services that manage the functionality of all tenants:

The following list the possible statuses of the service:

  • Operational: Performs normally

  • Performance: Experiencing a degradation in performance

  • Outage: Service availability is experiencing a major disruption

  • Maintenance: Undergoing scheduled maintenance

Checking the Status of a Tenant

This procedure describes how to check the status of a tenant if you are experiencing any issues with your tenant.

Before you begin

Contact your on-boarding administrator who received a Welcome email with the tenant identification string, which is the name of the tenant.


  1. From a browser, go to trust.controlm.com.

    You do not need a username or password to log in.

  2. In the list, click your tenant name, as shared with you by your administrator.

    The History page appears, with an entry for each status update, as well as informational messages.

  3. For more details on an update, click the update header.

  4. Return to the Helix Control-M page by clicking Back to status page.

Subscribing to Notifications for a Tenant

This procedure describes how to subscribe to email or SMS notifications for status updates about your tenant.


  1. From the tenant History page, click Subscribe.

    The Subscribe dialog box appears.

  2. In the Components field, select other tenants that you want to receive updates.

  3. Do one or more of the following:
    • If you want to receive the updates by email, select Email, and then enter the email address.

    • If you want to receive the updates by SMS, select Text Message, and then enter the complete phone number, including country code.

    • If you want to receive the updates with a webhook, select Webhook, and then enter the complete URL of your webhook, starting https://.

  4. Click Subscribe.

    You are now subscribed to notifications for the tenant.

    • To unsubscribe from an email subscription, click the unsubscribe link in the body of the email.

    • To unsubscribe from an SMS subscription, reply to the SMS with the following message: STOP.