Adding a Database Type

This procedure describes how to add a database type for Control-M for Databases, which enables you to connect to any SQL database that has a JDBC driver.

When loading a new JDBC driver to use with Control-M for Databases, you need to verify it in a test environment before running jobs on a production environment. Control-M cannot be verified in the lab with all the available Database JDBCs.


  1. From the icon, select Configuration.

  2. From the drop-down list, select Plug-ins.

    The Plug-ins tab appears.

  3. Select a Databases Plug-in that resides on an Agent where the JDBC driver is installed and then click Configuration.

    The Databases Type Manager pane appears.

  4. Click .

    The Add Database Type pane appears.

  5. For each field, define the required parameters, as described in New Database Type Parameters.

  6. Click Add.

  7. Create a Database connection profile, as described in Creating a Centralized Connection Profile and from the Database Type drop-down list, type the name of the new database.

New Database Type Parameters

The following table describes the add new database type parameters:



Database Name

Defines the name of the new specified database.

Connection String

Specifies the URL that connects to the database.

Path to driver folder

Indicates the path to the directory containing the JDBC driver and its dependencies, which must reside on an Agent.

The JDBC driver must meet the JDBC 3 or 4 driver specification.

Class Name

Defines the fully qualified class name of the JDBC driver.

Line Comment

Indicates an SQL comment.

Statement Separator

Specifies a separator between SQL statements.