Introduction to Control-D

Control-D Mainframe is an Output Management System, which automatically schedules and controls every aspect of report processing and distribution, such as report decollating, bundling, printing, online viewing, and archiving. Control-D helps enables you to manage and automate critical business processes, which ensures a timely execution of tasks and effective report distribution. The following Control-D components enable you to access data in the Control-D Mainframe repository to view, transform, analyze, distribute, and transfer reports from anywhere with an internet connection:

  • Control-D/WebAccess Server: Provides a central point of access to review, transform, and approve reports from a Control-D repository in a web application.

  • Control-D Delivery Server: Schedules jobs to transform and distribute reports from a Control-D repository to selected destinations, such as a printer, email, or local folder.

  • Control-D/Agent: Manages the transfer of files and reports between distributed system computers and the Control-D Mainframe repository.

Control-D Architecture

The following diagram shows the logical architecture of a typical Control-D environment: