Testing a Plug-in

This procedure describes how to run a test execution of the plug-in, to ensure that plug-in jobs can complete successfully. In each test execution, you can test specific scenarios by selecting a specific target Agent and setting specific attribute values. Test results provides runtime information and log messages from the plug-in steps. For more information, see Plug-in Test Results.


  1. From the Home tab, select the relevant plug-in.

    The plug-in opens.

  2. Click Test.

    Before the test is executed, the plug-in is checked for unsaved changes. In addition, plug-in steps and attributes are validated.

    If unsaved changes are detected, you can select one of the following options:

    • Test the plug-in without the changes.

    • Save changes and proceed with the test.

    If validation errors or warnings are found, you can select one of the following options:

    • Review and resolve the validation issues, and afterwards resume the test.

    • Continue the test with the validation warnings or errors.

  3. On the Test tab, do the following:

    1. In the Testing Agent field, select an Agent for the test.

    2. (Optional) Enforce required (mandatory) fields by selecting Enforce required fields.

    3. In any of the Connection Profile or Job Properties fields, type or select values to use during test execution.

  4. Click Run Test.

    The test results appear.

Plug-in Test Results

The following figure shows an example of Plug-In test results:

The following table describes the areas in the test results:



Test Definition

Enables you to select the Agent where to run the test and to specify values for connection profile properties and job properties.

Job Status and Step Statuses

Displays the overall status of the plug-in job at the end of the test, and indicates the status of each step within the plug-in:

  • : The step is executing

  • : The step completed successfully

  • : The step failed

Runtime Information

Displays the duration of time that the test executed, as well as the start time and end time.

Runtime Parameters

Lists the values of Runtime Parameters in the plug-in during the test.


Displays log messages from each step in the plug-in.


Provides detailed information for a selected log record.