Workflow Insights

The Workflow Insights domain enables you to track and monitor business workflow metrics over time via various dashboards. Each dashboard exposes insights into specific areas of Control-M, such as SLA Management Services, workflow health, workflow job trends, peak usage, and optimization insights. These insights enable you to stay in control of your business workflow performance over time, set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and track them to ensure continuous improvement.

Workflow Insights includes the following dashboards:

  • Workflow Health Dashboard: Monitors workflow and job health and their stability over time.

  • Workflow Trends and Peak Volumes Dashboard: Analyzes historical peak volumes and the Applications that affect these peaks.

  • Workflow Distribution Dashboard: Monitors workflow and job distributions on the system to ensure effective Agent load balancing.

  • Workflow Alerts Dashboard: Monitors various alert metrics, such as job Applications, hosts that generate the highest number of alerts, the most common alert messages, and alert trends over time.

  • Workflow Definition Updates Dashboard: Exposes insights about job and folder definition updates, such as jobs and folders that were added, deleted, or modified, and by which users.

  • SLA Management Services Dashboard: Collects specific metrics about your SLA Management Services, which enables you to monitor the following:

    • Health and stability of the services over time.

    • Jobs that execute for an extended period that can impact service completion time.

    • Time gaps between consecutive jobs that buffer against service completion delays.

  • Optimization Insights Dashboard: Exposes workflow and job optimization insights that might affect workflow and job efficiency.

  • Job Execution Dashboard: Monitors job execution metrics, such as the average duration of job execution, monthly jobs executed, and number of job executions, by start or end time.

  • User Actions Dashboard: Monitors and exposes user actions that can be automated.

Each dashboard helps you solve a specific business challenge and provides certain standard options. For more information, see Workflow Insights Dashboard Options.

You can select the time period you want to review, and set specific filters to review the data you are interested in for each dashboard. You can also search using Kibana Query Language (KQL) or Lucene Query Parser Syntax (LUCENE). For more information, see the Kibana and Lucene documentation. Active filters and queries can be saved for future use. For more information about filter parameters, see Workflow Insights Filters.

Control-M Workflow Insights and Control-M Workload Archiving are not supported on the same distributed machine.

The following video provides a detailed visual overview:

To install, see Control-M Workflow Insights Installation.