Connection Profiles

Connection profiles are used to define access methods and security credentials for specific applications or plug-ins, and they can be referenced by multiple jobs. You must deploy the connection profile definitions before you run a job.

The following values are valid for all connection profile names, except for File Transfer Connection Profiles:

  • Uppercase letters.

  • Numbers

  • - and _.

The following table lists the available plug-in types and links to plug-in-specific topics that detail their connection profile parameters.

Plug-in Category

Connection Profile Details

Application Integrator

Application Workflow

Backup and Recovery

Business Intelligence and Analytics


Cloud Computing

Container Orchestration

Data Integration

Data Processing and Analytics

Database Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

File Transfer

Infrastructure as Code

Machine Learning

Mainframe Modernization

Messaging and Communication

Messaging and Queuing

  • ConnectionProfile:AWS SNS

  • ConnectionProfile:AWS SQS

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Web Services