Setting the Java Environment Variable

Before you perform setup or install for the first time, you must set the Java environment variable, which points to an external Java installation, version 11 or version 17 or later. For a list of supported Java vendors, see Setting the Java Environment Variable.

  • If you are using external Java on SUSE, see 000396918.

  • The Java installation directory must contain the bin directory and the Release file.

  • (Windows only) You cannot set the Java environment variable on a network.

  • On UNIX:

    • From a command line, type one of the following:

      • sh/bash: export BMC_INST_JAVA_HOME=/home/<java_directory>

      • csh/tcsh: setenv BMC_INST_JAVA_HOME /home/<java_directory>

  • On Windows:

    • From a command line, type the following:

      set BMC_INST_JAVA_HOME=”C:\Program Files\<java_directory>

If you are installing in automatic or console mode, set the Java environment variable in the command, as follows:

  • UNIX: -silent <xml_path>/<filename.xml> -BMC_INST_JAVA_HOME <java_path>

  • Windows: setup.exe -silent <xml_path>\<filename.xml> -BMC_INST_JAVA_HOME <java_path>