Services are groups of API commands available via Control-M Automation API CLI or as Control-M REST API commands.

The following table describes the Control-M Automation API services.



Build Service

Compiles definitions of jobs, folders, or calendars and verifies their validity.

Deploy Service

Transfers definitions of folders, jobs, or other objects, and configuration definitions, to Control-M.

Run Service

Runs jobs and tracks their status, and manages other types of objects for jobs.

Package Service

Creates a package from a directory of definition files.

Config Service

Manages configuration definitions in your Control-M environment.

Provision Service

Installs and registers Control-M Agents, plug-ins, or Control-M/Servers.

Reporting Service

Generates reports and obtains information about reports from Control-M Reports.

Archive Service

Searches archived job data from Control-M Workload Archiving and obtains job outputs and job logs.

Environment Service

Manages Control-M environments that Control-M Automation API communicates with.

Session Service

Manages API login sessions based on session tokens.

Authentication Service

Manages authentication tokens for running API commands.

Usage Service

Obtains job usage statistics to help you adhere to license constraints.