The following tutorials introduce you to common best practices of using Control-M Automation API.

Before You Begin

Set up your environment, as described in Setting Up the Prerequisites.

List of tutorials

The following tutorials are available to get you started working with Control-M Automation API:



Defining Authorizations for Control-M Roles and Users

Explains how to define new roles and users for Control-M and how to control the authorizations that they have for Control-M resources.

Creating Your First Job Flow

Explains how to write jobs that execute OS commands and scripts.

Automating Code Deployment

Explains how DevOps engineers can automate code deployment.

Editing Part of an Existing Flow

Explains how to modify a single job within a flow, without changing any other jobs or folders in the flow.

Running Applications and Programs in Your Environment

Explains how to run the following types of job flows:

Building a Docker Container for Batch Applications

Explains how to build a docker container for Control-M/Agent and run some basic API commands.

Additional code samples

Additional code samples are available through the Control-M GitHub pages:

Related information

For more information about Control-M, use the following resources: