Application Integrator Jobs

The Job:ApplicationIntegrator:<JobType> object enables you to define a job of a custom type using the Control-M Application Integrator designer. For information, see Application Integrator.

The following JSON-formatted code defines a job type named AI Monitor Remote Job:

"JobFromAI" : {
    "Type": "Job:ApplicationIntegrator:AI Monitor Remote Job",
    "ConnectionProfile": "AI_CONNECTION_PROFILE",
    "AI-Host": "Host1",
    "AI-Port": "5180",
    "AI-User Name": "admin",
    "AI-Password": "*******",
    "AI-Remote Job to Monitor": "remoteJob5",
    "RunAs": "controlm"

In this example, ConnectionProfile and RunAs are standard Control-M Automation API job properties. The other job properties must be created in Control-M Application Integrator and prefixed with AI-.