SAP Business Warehouse Job

Control-M for SAP Business Warehouse connects to SAP Application Server or SAP Message Server according to the Connection Profile. The SAP Business Warehouse job enables you run pre-defined SAP Process Chains or SAP Infopackages, and monitor their completion status.

The following table describes the SAP Business Warehouse job type attributes:



Connection Profile

Defines the connection profile for the job.


  • Characters: 1−30

  • Case Sensitive: Yes

  • Invalid Characters: Spaces

Process Type

Determines the task that the job performs.

The available option is Process Chain, which runs a Process Chain SAP BW job.

Variable Name: %%SAPR3-JOB_MODE

Process Chain Characteristics

Defines the characteristics of the SAP Process Chain.

Variable Name: %%SAPR3-ProcessChain_Desc


Defines a unique BW-generated ID of a Process Chain.

Rules: Characters 1-30

Variable Name: %%SAPR3-ProcessChain_ID


Describes a Process Chain.

Rules: Characters 1-60

Info Package Description

Provides a description of the Info Package in free text.

Rules: Characters 1-60

Variable Name: %%SAPR3-InfoPackage_Desc

Tech. Name

Defines a unique BW-generated InfoPackage ID.

Rules: Characters 1-30

Variable Name: %%SAPR3-InfoPackage_TechName

Background Job Name

Defines the InfoPackage background job name.

Rules: Characters 1-25

Variable Name: %%SAPR3-BACKJOBNAME

Rerun Options

Determines how the Process Chain reruns if the job fails, as follows:

  • Restart from point of failure: Reruns the job from its point of failure.

  • Rerun from start: Reruns the job from the start of the job.

More Options

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Enable periodic job

Determines whether the first run of the Process Chain prepares for the next run and is useful for reruns when big Process Chains are scheduled.

Consider only the overall chain status

Determines whether to consider the status of the overall Process Chain.

Retrieve log

Determines whether to add the Process Chain logs to the job outputClosedA tab in the job properties pane in the Monitoring domain that shows the output of a job, which indicates whether a job ended OK, and used, for example, with jobs that check file location.

Detect Spawned Jobs

Determines whether to detect and monitor jobs that were spawned by the current SAP job.

Detect and Create by

Determines the properties of the detected job.

Job name

Detected spawned jobs of the current job are extracted to Control-M with identical properties to the specified job.

Start spawned job

Checks the status of each spawned job and starts any spawned job with Scheduled status.

Job ends only after all child Jobs complete on SAP

Determines whether a job completes its execution only after all child jobs complete, as follows:

  • Selected: Completes the execution of the job only after all child jobs complete.

  • Cleared: Completes the execution of the job after all child jobs are detected and monitored by Control-M, even if they have not completed.

Job completion status depends on child Job status

Determines whether to wait for all child jobs to complete. The parent job does not end OK if any child job fails.