Informatica Job

The Informatica job enables you to automate an Informatica workflow or tasks within the workflow, and define the parameters to pass to the workflow.

The following table describes the Informatica job type attributes:



Connection Profile

Defines the connection profile for the job.


  • Characters: 1−30

  • Case Sensitive: Yes

  • Invalid Characters: Spaces

Variable Name: %%INF-ACCOUNT

Repository Folder

Defines the Repository Folder containing the workflow that you want to run.

Variable Name: %%INF-REP_FOLDER


Defines the workflow that you want to run in Control-M for Informatica.

Variable Name: %%INF-WORKFLOW

Instance Name

Defines the specific instance of the workflow that you want to run.

Variable Name: %%INF-INSTANCE_NAME

OS profile

Enables you to specify an OS profile when running or rerunning an Informatica job.

Run Options

Defines options regarding the workflow task hierarchy.


Determines the number of levels within the workflow task hierarchy that is used to select workflow tasks.

Default: 10

Variable Name: %%INF- DEPTH


Determines whether to run the whole workflow, start from a specific task, or run a single task as follows:

  • Run the whole workflow: Runs the whole workflow

  • Start from task: Starts the workflow from the task that you specify

    Variable Name: %%INF- START_FROM_TASK

  • Run single task: Runs the task that you specify

    Variable Name: %%INF-RUN_SINGLE_TASK


Determines an array of parameters that is passed to the workflow.

Each parameter is comprised of the following:

  • Scope: Defines the scope of the parameter in an array definition

  • Name: Defines the parameter name in an array definition

  • Value: Defines the parameter value in an array definition

Include workflow events log in Job output

Determines whether to include the workflow event log in the job outputClosedA tab in the job properties pane in the Monitoring domain that shows the output of a job, which indicates whether a job ended OK, and used, for example, with jobs that check file location.

Include detailed error log for failed sessions

Determines whether to include a detailed error log for a workflow that failed.

Get session statistics and log


Action on rerun

Determines which operation is executed when the workflow is in a suspended status, as follows:

  • Recover: Restarts suspended workflow from point of failure

  • Force restart: Restarts a suspended workflow from the beginning.

  • Force restart from a specific task: Restarts the suspended workflow that you define

    Variable Name: %%INF- RESTART_FROM_TASK

Workflow parameters file

Defines the path and name of the workflow parameters file.