Control-M Navigation

The following table describes the navigational tabs on the Control-M interface ribbon:




Enables you to create a working environment by creating a workspace and defining your folder and job definitions.


Enables you to view jobs, monitor the processing of jobs, and control the job flow in your active environment. To view the Monitoring domain interface, see Monitoring Navigation.

Managed File Transfer

Enables you to search for File Transfers, as described in Searching for a File Transfer. To view the Managed File Transfer domain interface, see Managed File Transfer Navigation.


Shows a drop-down list of all the Control-M Tools:


Enables you to manage, monitor, configure, and maintain Users, Roles, AgentsClosedA Control-M component installed on a host that runs and monitors the jobs on the host, Applications Plug-ins, and Centralized Connection Profiles. To view the Configuration domain interface, see Configuration Navigation.