Azure Job

Azure jobs enable you to execute the Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, and Azure Batch Account services.

The following table describes the Azure job attributes.




Connection Profile


Determines the authorization credentials that are used to connect Control-M to Azure.


  • Characters: 1−30

  • Case Sensitive: Yes

  • Invalid Characters: Blank spaces.

Variable name: %%AZURE-ACCOUNT



Determines one of the following Azure cloud-computing services:

  • Function

  • Logic Apps

  • Batch Account

Variable name: %%AZURE-SERVICE_TYPE

You can also use more recent versions of these services, which are available as stand-alone job types. See Azure Job, Azure Job, and Azure Job.



Defines the name of the function you want to execute.

Variable name: %%AZURE- FUNCTION _NAME

Function App


Defines the name of the Function application, which contains the function you want to execute.

This field is automatically populated after you define the Function attribute.

Variable name: %%AZURE- FUNCTION_APP



Defines the function parameters that enable you to control the presentation of data, as follows:

  • Key

  • Value

Variable names:



Append Log to Output

All services

Determines whether to add the job log to the outputClosedA tab in the job properties pane of the Monitoring domain where the job output appears that indicates whether a job ended OK, and is used, for example, with jobs that check file location..

Logic App Name

Logic Apps

Defines the name of the logic app.

Variable name: %%AZURE-LOGIC_APP_NAME

Request Body

Logic Apps

Defines the script for the expected payload in a logic app service.

Format: JSON

Variable name: %%AZURE-LOGIC_APP_BODY

Job ID

Batch Account

Defines the job ID.

Variable name: %%AZURE-BATCH_JOBID

Task Command Line

Batch Account

Defines the commands that the job performs.


Max Wall-Clock Time

Batch Account

Determines the maximum number of days, hours, minutes, or seconds to execute the job, as follows:

  • Unlimited

  • Custom: Days, hours, minutes, or seconds

Variable name: %%AWS-BATCH_ WALLCLOCK

Max Task Retry Count

Batch Account

Determines the number of times to re-execute a failed job, as follows:

  • None

  • Unlimited

  • Custom


Retention Time

Batch Account

Determines the file retention period, as follows:

  • Unlimited: Retains the job directory and its files indefinitely.
  • Custom: Determines the number of days, hours, minutes, or seconds to retain the job directory and its files.

Variable name: %%AWS-BATCH_ RETENTION