Airflow Job

The Airflow job enables you to monitor and manage DAG workflows within Control-M. After you run your Airflow jobs, you can view the executions of the DAGs in the Airflow tab in the Monitoring domain. In the Airflow tab, you can view the specific details of each task, open the DAG in the Airflow web server user interface, and view XCom variables.

The following table describes the Airflow job type attributes.



Connection Profile

Determines the authorization credentials that are used to connect Control-M to Airflow.


  • Characters: 1−30

  • Case Sensitive: Yes

  • Invalid Characters: Blank spaces.


Defines the unique identifier of a DAG.

  • Airflow returns 100 records by default. To increase this limit, you must change the maximum_page_limit parameter in the airflow.cfg file.

  • The Airflow plug-in requests 300 records to be returned by default.

    To increase this number, you must add or modify the NumberOfRecordsPerRequest parameter in the <Agent_Home>/cm/AFL/data/cm_container_conf.xml file, <NumberOfRecordsPerRequest>400</NumberOfRecordsPerRequest>.

  • You can filter the returned list of DAG IDs by typing one of the following:

    • A partial string such as abcd, which returns all DAG IDs that contain this string.

    • A partial string followed by an asterisk, such as abcd*, which returns all DAG IDs that start with this string.

Configuration JSON

(Optional) Defines the JSON object, which describes additional configuration parameters.

Output Details

Determines whether to include Airflow DAG task logs in the Control-M job output, as follows:

  • No task logs.

  • Include failing task logs.

  • Include all task logs.

You can also view all task logs from the Airflow tab in an Airflow job in the Monitoring domain. In addition, you can view the log of each Airflow task execution represented by the Try Number field.

If a task executed 3 times during the DAG run, the Try Number shows three options.