Web Service Operation Steps

A Web Service operation step enables you to build the job type through a web service. The following topics describe how to define and delete pre-execution, execution and post-execution Web Service operation.

You can edit an Execution operation step by clicking the Execution operation step and editing as required. To delete an operation step, click next to the Operation step that you want to delete and click Delete. If you have created parameters and want to delete them, you need to manually delete them from the Designer area.

When adding values to generated parameters you can add Control-M variables in the following format:


You cannot use APP_NAME as a variable, as it is reserved for internal use.

For a Web Service execution operation step, you can add execution steps which are added sequentially in the order that they are input, although you can add, remove and reorder the steps. For each operation you can define how the web service operation response should be handled. For more information, see Output Handling Rules.

When defining an Execution operation, you can add the following: