Job Type Designer

You can design job properties and Connection Profiles in the Designer area, which enables you to see how the job type fields appear in the Planning, Monitoring, and Configuration domains. The Designer area is split into four parts:

  • Connection Profile View: Enables you to see how the Connection Profile fields appear. For more information about Connection Profile, see Connection Profile View.

  • Job Properties View: Enables you to see how the Job Properties fields appear in the Planning domain. For more information about Job Properties, see Job Properties view.

  • Runtime Parameters View: Enables you to see runtime information in Active Jobs in the Monitoring domain, so you can obtain data while you are running the job. For example, you may want to see the percentage of the job is completed in the Monitoring domain. You can add Runtime parameters only after you have defined Output Handling rules, as described in Output Handling Rules. For more information about Runtime Parameter Views, see Runtime Parameters View.

  • Job Properties Dependencies View: Enables you to create dependencies between fields for a drop-down list or a check box. For example, when a user selects a check box, you can set which parameters are visible in the job properties. For more information, see Job Properties Dependencies View.

For more information and practical examples, see Control-M Application Hub.

When adding an Execution operation, you can add parameters, which appear in the Designer area. Alternatively, you can add fields to the Connection Profile Viewand Job Properties View fields without adding them first to the Execution operation step, which allows you to design the forms as they appear, and add the parameters later to the Execute operation step. For more information about the Execution operation steps, see Job Type Definition.

The Connection Profile name in the Connection Profile View and the Connection Profile in the Job Properties View are automatically added, but are not shown in the Designer area.