Defining a Pre-Execution Command Line Operation Step

This procedure describes how to define a Pre-Execution command line operation step. You can only add one Pre-Execution operation step.

If you want to remove all content from the step, from the Pre-Execution operation step, click and then click Clear content.


  1. In the Description field type a description for the Pre-Execution step which helps you identify the pre-execution step.

  2. To run the operation step based on a specific event, in the Event field, click and from the dropdown list select the parameters, as described in Event Parameters.

  3. In the Type field, ensure that you select Command line.

    To change the operation type, from the drop-down list select either Web Service or REST API.

  4. In the Command Line field, type the command line script for the operation.

    If you want to expand the Command Line field, click and when finished, click Update.

  5. Add a parameter by clicking .

    For more information about adding parameters, see Defining a Parameter for Command Line.

  6. To define what happens when the job ends, in the Return Code Handling field, click .

    For more information about Return Code Handling rules, see Return Codes.

  7. To define how output should be handled, in the Output Handling field, click .

    For more information about Output Handling rules, see Output Handling Rules.

  8. If you want to attach content to job output do any of the following:

    • Attach command line details to the Control-M job output, select Append command to job output checkbox.

    • Attach standard output to Control-M job output, select the Append command standard output to job output checkbox and then do the following:

      1. If you want to filter the output, select the Use filter checkbox.

      2. From the dropdown list, select one of the options and then type the value.

    You can change job output content for your job type, from the toolbar by clicking Job Output Options.