User Assistance (Online Help and Guides)

Note:  The following topics in the online help are also available in the printed versions (PDF):


Note:  If you are in a location where an internet connection is unavailable, you can install the BMC Track-It! help files on a local IIS server. See Installing Offline Help.

Track-It's online help system uses WebHelp, a Web-based help format.  When you access a help topic in the BMC Track-It! application, either from the Help menu or from Help buttons, the help topics are delivered from the BMC Track-It! Web server to your Web browser (such as Internet Explorer).  WebHelp exists in BMC Track-It! Technician Client, BMC Track-It! Web, BMC Self Service Web, and BMC Track-It! Mobile Web.

To Use the BMC Track-It! Online Help:

  1. Press the F1 key, or select BMC Track-It! Help from the Help menu on Track-It's main menu bar.
    The Help dialog displays.

  2. Enter your search terms in the Search for:  text box, then click the Search button.

    Track-It's search engine searches not only the online help topics, but the KnowledgeBase on the BMC Track-It! Support Web page.


Help topics are comprised of:

  • Overviews

  • Workflows

  • Getting up and running checklists

  • Procedural steps


KnowledgeBase articles consist of:

  • Troubleshooting

  • Technical information

  • Specific how-to information based on customer requests

  • Online tutorials (videos)


The matching Help topics (indicated by a round, blue icon) and KnowledgeBase articles (displayed by a square white icon) display on the Search Results pane.

  1. Select a Help topic or KnowledgeBase article from the list.

    • KnowledgeBase articles from our Support page at


To Use BMC Track-It! Web's Online Help:

  1. Click the Help button on the BMC Track-It! Web toolbar or on the module page's toolbar.
    The Help page displays in your browser and displays the help topic for the specific BMC Track-It! Web module.

  2. To view all of the online help topics, click the Table of Contents link on the help topic.

  3. To search by keyword, click the Search button.  Enter your search terms in the Search text box,  then press the Enter key.
    Results display in the left pane.




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