Web Services API Overview

The Web Services API feature enables software developers to integrate Track-It! and other applications or custom utilities in your organization. The API can be used to perform various actions for Work Orders and assets such as creating Work Orders and searching for Work Orders created through other interfaces, and getting an asset by asset name or number. An XML JSON RESTful Web Service interface to BMC Track-It! is available for all platforms for integration with other applications. It supports .NET 4.0.  Functions are available for creating Issues, updating Issues and querying the database for Work Orders.

Note: For Web Services API, a new virtual directory is automatically created by the Track-It! installer.

The Track-It! Web API log is available in the following directory: C:\windows\temp.

The Track-It! Web Service API supports the following actions.  Click each link for API call details and examples:

  • Login—Authenticate the user and generate the access token

Help Desk: Work Orders


Inventory: Assets



  • Event Policies and related notifications, as well as Skill Routing Policies are not applied when creating Work Orders via Web API.

  • Windows authentication login is not supported.  The Technician user name and password is the same as the Technician Client.

  • Work Order fields will not be automatically populated, for example, an asset associated with a requestor or a callback number.

  • Validation will not be applied for values in integer fields, for example, Hours and Charges in the billing information for a Work Order.

  • Validation for character lengths for text fields will not be applied, for example, the Subject field in a Work Order.


See also: Web Services API Data Transfer Object Definitions and Web Services API Error Codes




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