Track-It! Enhancements

The enhancements to Track-It! are release specific.

11.4 Service Pack 01 Enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 11.4 SP1 of the Track-It! product.

For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and Corrected issues.


Platform and Feature Deprecation:

  • Track-It! Audit:  Platform support for prior versions of OS X Yosemite (version 10.10) is revoked. If you have an asset using older versions of OS X Yosemite; Track-It! audit will no longer work on those devices. You are advised to upgrade your MAC machines to OS X Yosemite (version 10.10) to continue to use this feature.

  • Manual Email Notifications using Outlook instead of Email Conversation are no longer supported. If used you may see plain text and HTML code instead of a pre-formatted text. This is a known limitation. You are advised to use Email Conversation for all communication going forward.

New Platform Support

To improve compatibility with new platforms, we have added the following platform improvements:

    • Windows Server 2012 support for Track-It! server

    • SQL 2014 Support for Track-It! Database

    • Windows 10 Support for Track-It! Audit and Track-It! Remote

    • El Capitan Support for Track-It! Mac Audit

    • Android Support for Track-It! Barcode

    • Track-It! Mobile Updates for latest browser support on Android and iOS operating systems

    • Track-It! Remote version 12.11 support

Administrative, Security, and Usability Improvements

To simplify administration, improve security, and streamline the user experience, Track-It! now includes:

  • Security updates to harden the product against outside attacks

  • Customizable configuration option to use new color scheme or the old darker color scheme in the Track-It! Technician Client.

  • Updates to indexing and email systems to account for mal-formed URL related issues.

  • The BMC Track-It! Community is now launched from the Contact Us menu within the Track-It! application.

  • For Track-It! Self Service Web, the status of a Work Order now displays on the grid view.

11.4 Enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 11.4 of the Track-It! product.

For information about corrected issues, see Known and Corrected issues.


Active Directory Services 2012 certification

Track-It! has been certified for Active Directory Services 2012.

Track-It! Demo messages

During the Demo trial period of 30 days, engaging and informative messages are displayed.

Consolidated HTML5 help documentation optimized for all devices

All product documentation has been consolidated into one online help system.  PDF versions of the Product Documentation, Installation Guide, and Release Notes are available on our Support web site.

New look and feel

In Track-It! Technician Client, the changes include:

  • The color scheme has changed to a less drastic difference (for example, between the text entry titles on forms and the text entry fields).

  • The display of the navigation pane including the navigation arrows.

In Track-It! Web, the look is more modern matching the standards of numerous other web applications, and performance is improved.

Track-It! Technician Client

"Submit a Request" link for support

A Submit a Request link for support has been added in the Contact Us menu so that users can quickly and easily request support directly within Track-It! Technician Client.

Change Management approval, rejection, information via e-mail

Requests for Change can now be approved, rejected or more information requested through e-mail.

Help Desk: Chronological notes in manual work orders

Public notes for Manual Work Orders Notifications are sent in chronological order in e-mails to requestors or technicians.

Password Reset silent installation/uninstallation

The Windows Logon Assistant (Kiosk) can be installed and uninstalled silently.

Web Services API notes

Description notes and resolution notes types can be added through Web API calls.

Web Survey automatic installation

Web Survey is automatically installed with the installation of Track-It! Web.

Track-It! Self Service Web

Show/Hide UI sections, fields, and links, and lookup field text increase

  • With simple changes in a configuration file:

    • entire sections in Self Service can be displayed or hidden

    • Cc and Bcc fields for Work Orders and Requests for Change can be displayed or hidden

    • the Forgot Windows Password link on the login screen can be removed by adding a parameter in a configuration file

  • For fields such as Lookup 1 through Lookup 8, the text that can be entered has been increased.  

11.3 Enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 11.3 of the Track-It! product.

For information about corrected issues, see Known and Corrected issues.


Community Integration

In order to leverage the strong community population and to further expand its use, we have introduced a new control which will provide a live stream of Blog posts and popular discussions from the Track-It! Community right within the Track-It! Technician Client and Track-It! Web.

Password Reset Redesign

Track-It! Password Reset has been completely redesigned and rewritten for this release. Password Reset provides users with a Password Reset Web portal that enables them to securely reset forgotten network passwords and unlock their accounts without assistance from the help desk or IT staff. The newly designed Password Reset also includes the ability to add a Forgot Password button directly to the end users Windows login page, making access to the Password Reset portal even easier.

Rebranding Capabilities for Audit.exe

If you manage systems for other organizations or are an IT Service for hire company, you may wish to set your own company name and logo in the Track-It! Audit agent. This release includes the ability to customize the company name and icon in the Agent so that it looks like your own.

Track-It! Technician Client

Active Directory (AD) Authentication Configuration

The user interface now available in the Administration Console in Track-It! simplifies the process of configuring “Windows Authentication” or “Pass Through Authentication” for Technicians or Users who know their AD credentials.

Automatic Concurrent Technician Logout

In order to release licenses for Track-It! for technicians with concurrent licenses, Technician Accounts can be configured to be automatically logged out after a specified time, or they can be manually logged out.

Force Concurrent Technician Logout

In order to release licenses for Track-It! for technicians with concurrent licenses, Track-It! Administrators can now forcefully disconnect Concurrent Technicians to free up the license.

Web Services API for Inventory/Assets

In addition to the Web Services for Help Desk added in a prior release, Track-It! now includes Web Services for the Inventory as well. This allows developers to create custom applications or integrations with other tools to add, edit and delete inventory items from the Track-It! Inventory. In addition, CORS support has been added for this release.

Track-It! Self Service Web

Self Service Templates available

Users raise the same kinds of requests every day, and to address them, the user can now choose to make use of the Self Service Templates functionality. This new feature allows self-service users to select from a list of pre-configured common requests, configured by the Track-It! Administrator, to allow quicker and easier submission of work orders and ensure data accuracy for the technicians responsible for resolving those issues.


11.2 Enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 11.2 of the Track-It! product.

For information about corrected issues, see Known and Corrected issues.


Remote Control iTunes App

A new Remote Control iTunes app is available for iOS/iPad. See the Track-It! Remote Control Mobile for IOS guide on our Support Web site.

Track-It! Technician Client

E-mail configuration redesign

Incoming/Outgoing E-mail Options

    • In addition to POP3/SMTP, Exchange Web Service, and Lotus Notes, IMAP integration has been added. MAPI is no longer supported. See Configuring Incoming E-mail.
    • Administrators can set up how the incoming emails should be handled after they are processed by the Track-It! server: either left on server, deleted, or moved to another folder.
    • If the Automated Schedule is configured, Administrators can configure the system to check for e-mails only during operating hours.
    • Administrators can add email domains to a whitelist so that emails from specific addresses or domains are always converted to work ordersSee Setting up Rules for Converting E-mails to Work Orders.
    • All incoming e-mail protocols will use SMTP for outgoing email.
    • Additional append settings have been moved from the configuration files to the Work Order Updates panel in the E-mail Configuration section in the Administration Console.These settings allow incoming e-mails to reopen closed Work OrderAdministrators can also specify whether to validate the incoming e-mail's address.See Setting up Work Order Status Updates.
Work Order Date and Time Tracking

Response Date

Work Order Timer / Time Spent

    • The Work Order timer has been added to automatically calculate a Technician’s time spent on a Work Order and records that time in Work Order note entries entered by the Technician.

Stop the clock / Event Policies / SLAs

    • Technicians can designate a status that will stop the clock and place a Work Order on hold.This is so that the Due Date and Expected Completion Date in Event Policies are recalculated and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not adversely affected.See Defining Work Order Statuses.

    • You can specify in Event Policies to recalculate due dates and times if a Technician places a Work Order on hold.See Setting up Work Order Event Policies.

Tracking Time on Work Orders

    • Administrators can track the time spent on a work order by a technician.

Inventory - Auditing Detection

Note:  If you are using a distributed audit environment, you must copy both the Audit.exe and the TrackIt.Audit.dll file to the other locations.

Web Services API for Work Orders

The Web Services API feature enables software developers to integrate Track-It! and other applications or custom utilities in your organization. The API can be used to perform various actions such as creating Work Orders and searching for Work Orders created through other interfaces.

Track-It! Web

All of the new features listed above for Technician Client are also available in Track-It! Web, except for the Administration Console.

Track-It! Mobile

All of the features in Track-It! Web are also available in Track-it! Mobile, except the Work Order Timer feature is not available for Quick Edits.

11.1 Enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 11.1 of the Track-It! product.

For information about corrected issues, see Known and Corrected issues.

Track-It! Technician Client

Announcements Editing

Administrators and Technicians can edit Announcements on the Home Page.  See Creating announcements.

Creating Solutions with Attachments

Technicians can create Solutions with rich text formatting and images, which can be added to Work Orders as Resolutions. See Adding and Maintaining Work Order Solutions.

Directory Importer Configuration

You can configure Directory Importer to remove or disable users no longer found in the directoryFor details, see our Knowledge Base article.

Note:If a user is disabled in Active Directory, Directory Importer will revoke the Self Service license from the user. But if that user is re-enabled in Active Directory later, Directory Importer will NOT re-enable the license.

Help Desk field customization and Resolution Notes attachments

  • Administrators can customize certain Help Desk fields so that Technicians are required to fill them out before a Work Order can be closed.  See the Customizing Fields.

  • Technicians can create Resolution Notes with rich text formatting and images.  See Documenting Work Order Resolution.

Work Orders and Assignments Closure

Administrators can configure Track-It! to disable the prompt that appears when a Technician closes the last assignment work order of a parent work order.See our Knowledge Base article for instructions.

Track-It! Self Service Web

Hide Work Order Types, Subtypes, and Categories

Administrators can hide Work Order Types, Subtypes, and Categories Defining Work Order Types, Subtypes, and Categories.

Track-It! Web

Creating Solutions with Attachments

Technicians can create Solutions with rich text formatting and images, which can be added to Work Orders as Resolutions.  See Adding and Maintaining Work Order Solutions.

Reports module available

The Reports module has been added to Track-It! Web.  See Reports Overview.

Training module available

The Training module has been added to Track-It! Web.  See Tracking Training for Individuals in Your Organization.

Work Orders created from templates and Resolution Notes attachments

Track-It! Mobile

Work Order Creation using a template

Technicians can create a Work Order from a template.  See the Creating a Work Order from a Template for details.

Viewing Attachments for Solutions

Technicians can view Solutions with rich text (such as text formatting and hyperlinks) and images, such as screen shots.  See Searching for Solutions.

11 Enhancements

This topic contains information about enhancements in version 11 of the Track-It! product.

For information about corrected issues, see Known and Corrected issues.

Track-It! Technician Client

Configure Windows Authentication for Technicians and End Users

Administrators can configure Windows authentication for Technicians (Technician Client and Technician Web) and for Self Service users (Self Service Web). For detailed instructions on configuring Windows authentication, see our KnowledgeBase articles:Windows authentication for technicians in Track-It! 11 and New Windows pass through authentication for Self Service users.

  • Request for Technician Web to allow the automatic login of Technicians Based on NT account.

  • Request ability to log in to Technician Client via Windows pass through authentication.

Purge Audit History

Administrators can purge hardware audit data from the system to clear out old outdated information about your computer assets.  For detailed instructions, see Purging Audit History.

Schedule the Asset Monitor to Purge Audit History

The Asset Monitor Schedule is configured by default to automatically run every 15 minutes to purge audit history. Administrators can also configure the schedule and view the Asset Monitor log.  For detailed instructions, see Configuring the Asset Monitor Schedule.

Schedule Reports

Administrators can configure Track-It! to schedule and automatically run reports and e-mail them to specified users.

Schedule Work Orders on a Weekly Basis

Work orders can now be scheduled on a weekly basis.  For detailed instructions, see Creating Work Order Schedules.

Track-It! Web

The following modules are now available in Track-It! Web:

  • Purchasing

  • Library

  • Change Management

Track-It! Mobile

New Home Screen

After logging in to Track-It! Mobile, Technicians can quickly access the Help Desk and Inventory modules, Search, Help, and Announcements from the new home screen.

E-mail Conversation Management

Technicians can send e-mail messages to Requestors or Technicians (including attachments), and SMS messages to Technicians within Track-It! MobileMessages and responses are captured on the Work Order Notes and Audit Trail tabs.

Inventory module available

The Inventory module is now available in Track-It! Mobile.




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