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PATROL® for Unix

Key benefits

Business Challenge

It can be increasingly difficult to assure end users of your business-critical applications that you have their applications available when they need them. To ensure that they can complete their tasks efficiently and effectively, you need to manage the servers where the applications reside. Managing these servers can be challenging, especially as the number of servers in your environment grows.

BMC Software Solution

PATROL for Unix by BMC Software automates the management of these servers, enabling administrators to handle a complex Unix and Linux environment more effectively. Our solution directly addresses your Unix and Linux management challenges by automatically monitoring and managing Unix and Linux systems and related resources—saving time, reducing costs, and maximizing performance.

PATROL for Unix provides current and historical information through a centralized console so you can easily view and manage your entire Unix/Linux environment. From the CPU to file systems to printers, you can drill down to view detailed system metrics. PATROL can also proactively take corrective action when things go wrong or are about to go wrong—preventing downtime and its costs to your business.

Key Features and Benefits

PATROL for Unix provides a wide range of features, functions, and benefits in the following areas:

Availability and Performance Monitoring

Event Management

Log Management

Process Management

Web-based Reporting

Centralized Management

Helping You Maintain Advantage

BMC Software Professional Services helps your company maintain its competitive advantage through a comprehensive suite of services that includes service level management consulting, installation, implementation, configuration, and customization. Our professional services and education offerings are designed to ensure the ongoing availability of critical business applications, maximize product potential, reduce project risk, deliver IT value to your business, and improve your operations.

For more information about BMC Software Professional Services, visit http://www.bmc.com/profserv.

About BMC Software

BMC Software, Inc. [NYSE: BMC], is the leading provider of enterprise management solutions. The company focuses on Assuring Business Availability® for its customers by helping them proactively improve service, reduce costs and increase value to their business. BMC Software solutions span enterprise systems, applications and databases. Founded in 1980, BMC Software has offices worldwide and is a member of the S&P 500, with fiscal year 2002 revenues of approximately $1.3 billion.

For more information, visit BMC Software on the Web at http://www.bmc.com.

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